They call me Rocket.

I live in Portland. Thanks! from Anonymous

I’m gonna be real with you, and you may not like my honesty.


When I have to make major life decisions, I like to make a pros/cons list.  I’m going to make one for you. Note that the numbers in PROS match the numbers in CONS. This list could be numbered in the hundreds, but I tried to keep it to what I consider to be the most important points, specific to stripping in the Rose City.

PROS of dancing in Portland right now:

1. This city’s citizens are more accepting of dancers than many other places. If you decide to be open about your job, most people will be accepting.

2. You get paid in cash.

3. There are so many clubs in Portland, so you will always have a place to work.


1. The flip side of general acceptance of your profession is that it will not be so amicably met when filling out job, loan and rental applications. You will likely need someone to help you lie (via reference) your way into getting an apartment and explaining gaps in your employment history if you just dance for a living for awhile.

2. You get paid in cash, great right? Sorry, there’s just not much of it to go around. Newbie dancers with minimal hustle experience are hurting financially right now. When I stopped dancing in March, even on busy weekend night shifts, I heard even experienced dancers complaining that they were consistently going home with 100 bucks or less. Shifts are usually 5 hours long. So, they were averaging 20 per shift. THAT’S TERRIBLE. Some of the better hustlers I know are taking their game elsewhere: either moving to more lucrative markets of constantly taking “working vacations” to make ends meet.

3. Plenty of clubs to choose from does mean more places for you to work, but it also means an over saturated market. More choices means cheaper customers. 

I’m not trying to be harsh, but in my humble opinion it’s not a good time to become an exotic dancer in Portland. I could list a myriad of additional pros & cons, but I just don’t have the time or energy! If you are interested in getting into dancing for the money, I hate to say it but the money won’t be there. If you are interested in the fitness and creative aspect of it, I suggest taking pole dance lessons. There are a lot of great teachers out there. If you’d like my recommendations I’m happy to offer them. I sincerely wish you luck in whatever you decide to do.

I'm thinking about becoming a stripper. I have a little bit of anxiety about the industry (mostly because I know very little about it from the inside... also that I'm the last person you would expect), but the more that I think about it, the more I think I should go for it. What is your advice to someone looking to get into stripping? Are there any types of people you think should avoid it entirely? from Anonymous

May I ask where you live? It may help me better answer your question.

More Art Show.

I was surprised and pleased when The Lovecraft informed me that half of my art pieces had sold in the first week that they were on display. I’ve made more (much larger works), and they will be up shortly. I dropped them off last night during the ever-popular Burlynomicon. Here’s a preview:

where did you go?

It’s been a busy few weeks. Non-stop work, craft, writing (flowing like water, writer’s block conquered!) and now school. I’m having fun re-inventing myself, so to speak. Finding new talents & strengths. Waking up early is still a challenge after being a dancer for so many years and getting off work at 3am. These last three months have been so good to me. Here’s what I’ve been doing:

$8 thrift find. Trash into treasure.


Jewelry making: cassette tape earrings.

Jewelry making: eye chart earrings.

<3 <3 <3

Day to day.


A spice rack becomes a water garden.


Your nail polish should match at least one of your tattoos right? Side note: The snakes remind me of Aquafresh toothpaste.



Mixed media pieces I’m working on for an upcoming show at The Lovecraft.


Dollies that need delivering to Redux & The Faux Museum.


An amazing gift from my <3 by artist Asha Estacio.


Jin, being Jin.

My <3.

Babeh Strippah

Want to have some instant fun? Look at you amazingly-not-defunct-yet myspace account. Here’s a gem of a photo I found on mine: no visible tattoos (although I did have a large back piece) and a rather demure expression. I believe this was taken sometime in 2005. Ah, memories. Now that I’ve quit the biz, I find myself digging through old photos in an effort to jog memories I can draw writing inspiration from.